Saturday, June 27, 2009

Convocation Day

2day was my DIT convo day. Although my convo session at noon but i need go to penang early morning because Anerly wan go hospital checking body. While waiting report, v go to subway bought breakfast and eat Bak Kut Teh near Gurney there.

I very nervous and scare late to college because the time was near but Anerly havent take the report. Finally d report come out and Alan fly car again...hahah!! Jenny call me few time ald c wether i have came or not cos my x-classmate din c me appear tought me x wan attend liao..haha!! Because of Anerly and Ron attend my convo, so i ask Anerly help my x-classmate and me wear gown also taken the photo for memory...heheh!!!

while go to the stage, i very nervous cos everybosy is looking for me..after shake hand with Mr ong and take photo i, jz quickly walk down from stage...hehe!! After finish convo caremony, all graduates take photo and throw the gown hat to sky...v also take many photo 2gether with our x-x-classmate, friends and family...the most supprised not jz receive 4 flowers only but my mum also attend, i so touch when she also present me the flowers...^^

Michael fetch us back after convo, v 2gether with granma go to Old Town for dinner cos v all too hungry d....hehe!! After dinner, v went to econsave shopping then only back home...hahah!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

convo eve

2day want attend the briefing and collect gown for 2moro convocation day at Tarc. I plan go by tarc bus but Jenny ask me wait at New Bus Station because she said keat wil fetch us. B4 7am i already reach there because i scare late. i wait at there for a long time until almost tarc student already waiting ferry d. I made a call for Jenny because scare fool by her...hahah!! think too much liao..After that i saw Keat fetch Chun and Chuan came new Bus Station, they ask me y im here..i shock, cos Jenny ald told me Keat wil fetch me but she din told Keat. After go on his car, i heard they said abt Liang's sad story cos he bully by some1 that v knw. Liang vry pitty cos he is a good man but hw come kena bully by tat person d. After jenny reach, v straight go to Tarc then meet our x-classmate meet at SBS block. The briefing was very boring until everybody feel sleepy.

After briefing came out from CA, i saw a handsome guy o~..he also attend briefing d but v diff session for convo cos he DBD d. Luckily i same session with other handsome guy (K), tis guy Jenny also knw when she and me same team while orientation week b4 study at tarc. These two guys are ame room with us when take the gown. K just cross Jenny's side when he wan cross the way...OMG!!! luckily~

After taken gown, v go for breakfast at corner in front of 711. The boss very friendly, besides that he also good in memorize thing and have a pair of perfect eye. When he saw me, he also knw i wear contact lenses...geng!!!

Actually keat wan fetch me back home, but my mum ask me go to hospital cos she want fetch 3rd auntie back home and nobody at home if i back home later. So, i ask help from Keat ask him fetch me to hospital...very paiseh nia. When i reach hospital hp broke again..cos i blur abt the number of the patient room...shit hp!! Luckily i found her room...haha!! mayb because of too nervous whole night din slp i fall slp at there...hahah!!

After that, mum and Anerly came liao...v pack 3rd auntie's thing and go buy my accessories then only fetch auntie back home. The shop was work by mum friends' daughter. v stay at her shop almost more than 1 and 1/2 hours until mum call us then only came out cos mum waiting us outside. B4 fetch auntie back juru, Anerly buy MCD as her breakfast cos she din eat start from she wake up until now. When v reach home, its ald 6++pm. i take bath le, then only go to academy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Parents~

yesterday was my both parent's b'day, v went to batu ferringhi's Rasa Sayang Resort for buffet dinner. V reach resort early because affraid of traffic jam at penang bridge. v taken down the resort view while waiting Michael and Wendy with Alan's coming for the buffet dinner. There are so many tourists swimming in the pool while we are taken the view near the swimming pool.

when the restaurant was open, there are many people especially whole public bank worker also having buffet dinner at there because the restaurant having promotion with buy 1 free 1. Out table with 10 sitting just in front seafood side only, v r so happy because v can take the food easily. There are so many stalls such as types of flavor and fresh seafood (lobster, scallop, oyster, prawn, mussels...), sushi, soup (shark fin, black chic, tom yam), chicken, big baked salmon, satay (chicken and beef), salad (fresh vegetable, hams and beef, bread, biscuit), cheese, roti canai, and last was our favorite food that is dessert such as ice-cream, ice-kacang, dream cake, mini cake, cookies, fruit and chocolate fruit (i love to mix up the cookies with chocolate catsup)...v almost eat all of the types..hahah!!

After finish dinner, v take a break at lobby cos each of our stomach ald full. b4 back home, Anerly and me sit Wendy's car cos she intend to bring the cupcake (cupcake face design by her and made by CUPCAKES4YOU) at home for celebrating parent's b'day also parents day too.

mum they reach home 1st, by the time v reach home, mum and grandmum ald sleeping because of too tired. So, v keep the cupcake inside the fridge until tonight only celebrate. We are waiting Wendy bought us KFC for dinner. Because Wendy and her hubby having movie show at that time, so they only ate cupcake. The design of cupcake look so cute, there are dad, mum, alan, wendy, rachael, me, anerly, ron and so on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


2day was 2nd weeks for me to learn make up. I ald pass 1 point but failed to make up 2 point (50,50) eyeshadow cos it was hard to make the center line become soft and straight. i use whole afternoon until night make my eyeshadow and eyebrow. Mayb i use too many energy to erase side of my eyebrow when i draw too rough or friends say my eyebrow injured..but i din feel it hurt cos paralysis ald...hahah!! Luckily, teacher say my eyebrow look good..heheh!! She say 2moro if have time, she wil teach me hw to put eyeslash..yeah!! So, 2moro i must pass the (50,50)..kambateh!!

at De Artz, i also saw "Ling Shan", she was same 2ndary school with me and she was Poey Huang's friend. I almost cant recognize her, cos she change new hair style ald and look so slim...^^

jz now i go to check mail, i saw my friend's msg write the URL. So i click the url link to the website (youtube) take a look wats the video. i found it was a trajon horse flash, very funny..hahha!!

FLASH動畫短片【木馬屠城 Trojan Horse】

Sunday, June 14, 2009


jz now go 2 meetoto sing 1 guy add me. I shock when saw his msn because he put "bb" (mean byebye) then my b'day then his lastname and year of birth. Hw come he will play meetoto 1? I quickly go to check his email wether izzit him or not. Luckily nt him....anyway, i hope he will have a perfect life at there and ald forget me now...
when i singing a guy ask me sing BY2 d song "i know"(in chinese), i tel him i wil practice and sing at next round. when practice...wahlau....cant breath coz tis song sing by twins, 1 person sing liao then another person continue... x choice cos i promise to d guy ald, but when i sing he is not there...haiz~...nvm, gt many ppl vote me xpecially "Eddrew", he so support me...thanks, i can earn more coins go buy clothes liao...hahaha!!..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beware Auntie

yesterday when i reach De Artz, an auntie ald at sit there. She said she is waiting her daughter doing business in Penang will back at 7pm for asking about d make up course. When the time is about 7pm, her daughter call come said that the penang bridge is traffic jam so will late back. V felt simphaty to the auntie because she is waiting for a long time b4 i was come until i back, but the auntie stil not yet back.

But 2day, i heard teacher tel her friend that the auntie steal her money about 2+++. Teacher was hurt until 6am baru slp cos the money was her student's fees. This was happen after i was leave academy. The auntie c teacher go to toilet, then she quickly go near teacher's table take a silver bag then leave the academy quickly by open the door herself. Actually when the auntie take d silver bag, my friend was saw her but dont knw that she is stealing and when she is leaving my other friend ko take care abt the auntie by asking her izzit she need transport to back home. But the auntie tel her that her daughter already reach so she quickly go down. When d time teacher is looking her silver bag, the bag was lost and steal by the clever auntie.

Actually the auntie always use tis story lie many shop like makeup academy, hair salon and beauty shop. I heard a student said that his's working shop also went by tis auntie. The auntie steal their 3 handphones and run away.

How come the world become like that??? Auntie pun dare to steal, izzit she din scare to be jailed. Teacher said that she will catch the auntie to police station once meet her at raja uda, cos teacher is very angry because teacher worry abt her because she waiting her daughter more than 6 hours without eating.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

My 1st day...

2day was my 1st day attend De Artz make-up academy cos i decide learn make up at there and the price was nt expensive tat i think. I choose Bridal make up and hair design course to learn. Besides that, the teacher was so kindly when she taught me basic of make up. But i dont knw at the 1st time xpecially hw 2 use the type of professional brush and make up product like make up base, foundation (luquid, cream, stick), concealer (luquid, cream, stick), loose powder and so on. After taught by teacher, i ald knw the basic of make up.

Because every Thursday was teacher's presentation day, so there are many student attend her class at that night from 830pm until 10pm. From there, i knew many diff student although i ald 4gt their nickname..hehe!!

i hope i will catch up d make up and hair design as fast as possible.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Result Release

2day was my result release day but my sis n i need accompany dad went to Gleneagle Hospital for eye X-ray because my dads'right eye gt problem. Actually i dislike d hospital service xperially nurse because they only cincai treat patient. They only ask wat type of meal u want but din xplain got wat meal inside; their face look not friendly when gv treatment for patient. But no choice, because a vry famouse eye doctor at there (Dr Lai).

After X-ray, my dad stay at hospital for 2 days 1 night while waiting report. Because my dad is vry hungry, so v curi go out from hospital walk to "Jemputree" having lunch...heheh!! After finish lunch, then v only back home.

My friends tot me lost liao cos phone & sms me abt my result but i din gv any response..hahaha!! Finally i can graduate liao, but some of my friends cant graduate yet. I felt so sorry to them, cos dont knw wat can do to them but only can wish them Kambateh for next exam. Many friends ask me continue to study but i prefer go learn make up & hairstyle. Actually i dislike study d, but mum ask me study for experience...heheh!! Nw, i wan start my next future liao...hope everything is well done and good luck for all my friends...take care n have a nice day!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kulim Trip

2day o.sis with her hubby bring mum, y.sis & me to Kulim d "Tree Top Walk". There is a long bridge let visitors visit d nature view. V 1st go for lunch at Kulim d "Kemunting Pond restaurant" because Kulim famous eating fish for lunch. The time ald 4.30pm when v reach "Tree Top Walk". The ticket seller said it will close at 5.30pm (operation hr : 8.30am-5.30pm), so v jz take photo outside because v dont knw hw long d bridge to go on.

After that, v go to QB because o.sis wan manage her laptop's problem with SenQ's staff. Then v go for movie (star trek) at 7.30pm. The movie look great n i love d actor's hair style (V shape).

After that, v having dinner at near QB d XOX. I think there are not enough waitress because d waitress are bz their work until cant clean up d table for customer. But i like d environment because it look romantic although it is a bar restaurant.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Most countries celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. Mothers Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis. The Resolution for having a dedicated Mother's Day was signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. Since then people across the world have been celebrating Mothers Day with joy and devotion.

Monday 11/5/2009
This is children's cake (inside full with chocolate cookies ice-cream) but we use to celebrate mothers day with mother because it was d last cake when v reach cake shop...
sry ya mother~...hehe!!