Saturday, June 27, 2009

Convocation Day

2day was my DIT convo day. Although my convo session at noon but i need go to penang early morning because Anerly wan go hospital checking body. While waiting report, v go to subway bought breakfast and eat Bak Kut Teh near Gurney there.

I very nervous and scare late to college because the time was near but Anerly havent take the report. Finally d report come out and Alan fly car again...hahah!! Jenny call me few time ald c wether i have came or not cos my x-classmate din c me appear tought me x wan attend liao..haha!! Because of Anerly and Ron attend my convo, so i ask Anerly help my x-classmate and me wear gown also taken the photo for memory...heheh!!!

while go to the stage, i very nervous cos everybosy is looking for me..after shake hand with Mr ong and take photo i, jz quickly walk down from stage...hehe!! After finish convo caremony, all graduates take photo and throw the gown hat to sky...v also take many photo 2gether with our x-x-classmate, friends and family...the most supprised not jz receive 4 flowers only but my mum also attend, i so touch when she also present me the flowers...^^

Michael fetch us back after convo, v 2gether with granma go to Old Town for dinner cos v all too hungry d....hehe!! After dinner, v went to econsave shopping then only back home...hahah!!

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